Naada Yoga

The Yoga Of Sound

The whole Universe is a symphony of vibrations. What appears as matter or energy is simply different rates of vibration. Our bodies are also constantly receiving and sending out vibrations. You can think of your being as an orchestra, with different parts being played by the heart, lungs, and other organs. Each has its own rhythms. When everything is functioning harmoniously, we experience a blissful feeling. What is needed is a conductor to keep all the parts in tune and in rhythm. Naada yoga can help bring us in tune within ourselves and also with the Universe.

What is Naada yoga?


Naada yoga uses sound, primarily your voice, to create a state of unity and balance between mind, body, and spirit. Unlike other forms of yoga, Naada Yoga doesn’t involve physical exercise and is suitable for anyone, regardless of physical ability. If you can breathe and have a heartbeat, you can do Naada Yoga. 

The focus is on using the vibrations of sound to move energy through the chakras (energy centers) and nadis (pathways). Once you learn a few basic techniques you can practice this yoga any time. It will help balance your physical and emotional energies and typically you will experience a lowering of stress levels, improved breathing, and an improved ability to concentrate. For many people Naada Yoga creates a state of increased awareness along with a sense of deep relaxation.

experiencing naada yoga

I had no idea what to expect. What a wonderful, calming, slowing and peaceful experience. I look forward to learning and experiencing more.” - Heather E.
I am myself today, free of any restraints.” - Alyona K.
I enjoyed this evening so very much. The energy, vibrations and healing I felt was truly moving, it brought me to tears. Very cleansing for me and I’m truly grateful I was here to share the experience with everyone.” - Tara S.
Thank you for a great journey.” - Matt M.

comments about naada yoga

Great is the intoxication of money, physical power and strength, name, fame and position. These are the ultimate intoxications of the relative world. But far greater still is the infinite bliss of anahata naada, which takes one beyond time and space and makes all temporal intoxicants fade away, useless.” - Kabira