Heighten and deepen your yoga practice

Beyond & Above

An introduction to Brahmavidya - the Science of the Absolute

Yoga is an ancient practice that takes many forms. What we usually think of, using our bodies and
asanas, is just one of them. In the Bhagavad Gita, each chapter is a yoga: karma yoga, bhakti yoga,
jnana yoga and so on. At its root, yoga means Union. Any practice that unites mind, body and spirit
and also unites the individual self with the universal Self, is a yoga. Thus the practice of yoga is
based on knowledge of the Self. This is called Brahmavidya, the science of the Absolute.


This workshop introduces us to the basic concepts of Brahmavidya. We draw on the wisdom
teachings of the sages and our own inner knowledge to help us awaken to the Reality beyond maya,
the illusion of the World. We will look into questions like “Who am I?” and “What is this World?”.
We’ll explore the source of awareness, discover the power of sound and mantra, and learn how to
overcome the sense of separation that divides us and causes so much suffering. We’ll find many
ways to rise to the highest power of the Self and also explore the deepest treasures of the ocean
of Consciousness. Come and explore the core values of all forms of yoga.

I am honored to have learned form these guides:

Narayana Guru, Nitya Chaitanya Yati, Nataraja Guru