Naada Yoga with Fred Gregory Cantor

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Altamonte Springs Yoga, 185 Westmonte Drive Suite 1204, Altamonte Springs

Naada Yoga with fred Sunday, November 19th 3p Please join our Yoga teacher training students for this powerful and fun class!

About Naada Yoga -

Naada Yoga is one of the oldest yoga practices that uses sound and vibration to bring about the union of mind, body, and soul which is the goal of all forms of yoga. Since it doesn't require asanas (physical postures), naada yoga can be practiced by just about anyone seeking the benefits of yoga. All you need is the ability to sit comfortably and breathe. Using your own voice, you will be drawn into the depths of the ocean of awareness and soar to the highest realms of being. Regular Class rates apply. Instructor - Fred Cantor preregistration is preferred

Drop ins are welcome preregistration