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Fred Gregory Cantor was born in New York City on a Christmas Day . He got his first guitar when he was ten… after his mother got tired of his banging on the pots and pans, pretending he was a drummer. His early influences were the folk singers of the day – Pete Seeeger, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Odetta. Fred began performing at hootenanies and learned to respect the tradition of folk music as part of a larger agenda of peace and social justice. At the same time, late at night with a little transistor radio tucked under his pillow, Fred was listening and absorbing the sounds of New York – Symphony Sid playing incredibly swinging Latin music, Frankie Crocker blasting the blues and that sweet soul music straight into his ears and heart. He attended NYU and learned television production at RCA Institue.

During the Summer of Love, Fred packed up his guitar and moved out to San Francisco, where he played in the folk clubs of North Beach and the rock clubs on Fillmore Street. Fred was expanding his consciousness and his musical exposure, studying guitar with Jerry Hahn and pursuing an interest in the music and philosophies of India. At he same time, Fred pursued a career in the television industry, working at several different stations in the Bay Area. During this period Fred also began learning the techniques of music production at some of the Bay Area’s best studios. He and a partner formed a production company that helped musicians take advantage of the burgeoning new technology of multitrack recording.

Later on Fred moved to Oregon, where he continued performing both as a solo artist and with a number of bands. He became an instructor at the Oregon School of Music and Dance, and continued to expand his studies of Indian music and philosophy through the East-West University of Brahmavidya. In the late 80’s Fred made his first visit to India, where he was given the honor of inaugurating the Festival of Music and Dance sponsored by Narayana Gurukula. His experiences in India led him deeper into the interactions of sound, mind, and body. Fred has devoted a great deal of energy to this subject and has conducted workshops and seminars on the use of sound as a healing tool. In addition, he has written several articles on the subject and treated a variety of individuals. Fred also continued his music studies in Oregon, picking up again with Jerry Hahn and also learning from jazz greats like David Haskell and Glenn Moore as well as classical guitarist Marshall Hewitt. His interest in audio and video production also continued, and he started Independent Media Productions. In 1995 Fred entered the new era of digital production, opening a project studio and learning the tools and techniques of this new medium. In 1998, he added acting to his list of accomplishments, appearing in two films.

At the end of the 90’s Fred made another shift and moved from the rain soaked Northwest to the brighter climes of Florida. Since moving to Orlando, Fred has established himself as one of the area’s leading guitar instructors and has continued performing as a solo artist and writing new music in collaboration with several talented artists. He continues to advance as a musician and teacher, reflecting his ongoing growth as a person.