Fred Gregory Cantor is a respected musician and recording artist. Fred has played in the United States and India. He now lives in Orlando, FL. In addition to musical performance, he devotes his time to writing and teaching the concepts of Nada Brahma (Absolute Sound) and furthering the use of music as a healing tool.

The ancients knew the power of sound and music for healing. This wisdom is combined with modern science in a unique program that will help you use the power of music.

Discover the power of
your inner sound.

Create harmony in your relationships.

Promote physical and
emotional wellness.

Reduce stress and
heighten awareness.

Overcome addictions and
substance abuse.

Correct metabolic imbalances.

Release energy blockages.

The Music of Life program unites the ancient knowledge of Asia with modern Western science. Using a combination of pure sound and music, you will learn how to stimulate harmonious vibrations and remove negative ones in both your physical and emotional bodies.

Basic Workshop

This 2 hour program covers the physics and metaphysics of musical healing. It includes an introduction to pure sound, chanting and rhythmic exercises, and a brief look at harmony in personal relationships.

Advanced Classes

These sessions explore in depth the ten chakras and their tones, the use of tuning forks,and other practical uses for promoting health with music. Recommended for all involved in the healing arts.

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Understanding the Music of Life

Book Recommendations

The Power of Limits
by Gyorgy Doczi

Music of Life
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Cosmic Octave
by Cousto

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